You wanna be Rihanna huh? Lol.

That’s impossible.. I’m Justine Skye

I voted for you to become a nominee at the BET Awards ♥

Lol thank you

you take your nails serious lol

Who else will …

I just think people are so smart they should be given awards dead ass lol

No need to post your cover more than once. If your career is meant to take off it will, don't be desperate.

My bad lol

Can you say something in french for me please ? #FrenchUnicorn , follow me on ig : @so_crowwn ♥♥ PS : Tu es trop belle -> You're so beautiful

je t’aime

Who does your make up?? Its goorggg !!! 😍

Thank you! On a regular day I do it. If it’s a special event my make up artist is Joanna Simkin

You should have taken off already but everything is flopping because your little exposure is from Glyn or your mommys connects like it's sad your 18 and can't take care of your own career You keep flopping not because of your skin color even though it will be hard to get mass appeal but because you are boring and have no presence Also your style is wack and try too hard

Great things take time … I think I’m doing pretty great. But who am i? Lol